Why Swimming?



Bill Sweetenham, former British National Performance Director and Australian Team Coach said:


'Swimming is so important because it opens doors to every other aquatic sport. If you can't swim then it means you can't sail, row, play water polo or even play in the sea with your mates. If you want to do anything to do with water then you have to learn to swim. If that is not reason enough to get people to swim then what is? Swimming also encourages a healthy lifestyle. It allows young people's bodies to develop in a very natural way at a young age. It is basically an injury-free sport. Very few swimmers injure themselves in the pool. It's recognised as a good aerobic base for all sports such as football and rugby. Like gymnastics, it is a base to the development of other sports.'




"The methods Sian employs are not only good for our physical health, they allow an all round holistic sense of wellbeing."

 - Stan


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